Support is needed now!  Are you caring for your elderly parent(s), a loved one, or maybe you are suffering with a chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, or COPD? Cross Bearers can help bear your burden and make life a little easier through your disease process.  


In the sorrow and sadness that grip us during grief and loss, people and lives change. Some changes are for the better and some are for the worse. Sometimes out of the ashes of these changes and loss a Phoenix is born. Gail Williams is one such amazing creature. She came out of her grief and loss with a gift. She possesses amazing insight and understanding of people and families facing the loss of their life or someone they love.”
Dr. Rhonda Sivley, Internal Medicine
“I have had the pleasure of working with Gail for several years and she is a phenomenal person, inside and out, to say the least! If I, or my family, were needing palliative care, she would be someone I’d be honored to have at my bedside! She’s compassionate, shares the word of The Lord and understands people with their vast array of emotions during their trying and difficult times!”
Reda VanNorstran, RN/Charge Nurse Critical Care
Gail manages to facilitate the process, not dictate it, and all the while reinforcing spiritual and emotional components of the family system. Our physicians really came to rely on her repeatedly. She has a gift of having difficult conversations with families when hard decisions must be made.”
Becky Dodson, Vice President Mission Services, Tennova Healthcare